Our Beit Knesset

Beit Yaakov Congregation is a Sephardic Synagogue and Torah Education Center which was established 20 years ago under the original name of Netzach Israel Congregation. After renting space in various locations over the years on Park Heights Avenue, we were able to purchase the former Bnai Jacob Congregation building 11 years ago, which became our permanent home. This purchase could not have materialized and become a reality without the generosity of Mr. Edmond J. Safra, a”h. It is located at 3615 Seven Mile Lane, Baltimore City, Maryland 21208. Over the past four years, the physical building has undergone extensive renovations, with virtually every area being updated and beautified.
We recently completed renovating the Lobby, Beit Midrash (Chapel), and Social Hall areas of the building, including construction of a new ADA ramp to facilitate access to the social hall downstairs.

The synagogue serves all members of the Baltimore Jewish community at large. Our members come from many different backgrounds, including numerous countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We have three prayer services daily, Shabbat and Holidays, and a variety of classes, lectures and programs taking place daily. Our average attendance for prayer services on Shabbat is 150 people, which include men, women and children.

The regular activities occurring at the synagogue include:

  • Three daily minyanim.
  • Open Beit Midrash 24/7.
  • Rabbi’s class for women on Sunday nights.
  • Rabbi’s class for men and women on Monday nights.
  • Chaburat Sharaby kiruv program for Israelis on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  • Rabbi’s class before Mincha on Shabbat.